Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 0 - The Gear

Boston, MA

Welcome!  This blog will catalog my experience travelling to Ghana for IAP (MIT's january term) to help out with the Pure Home Wate factory.  I will be travelling with two of my fratenity brothers - Stephen Hendel and Mitchell Westwood.  To learn more about Pure Home Water, check out their website -

In preparation for my African excursion, I went shopping for lightweight clothes, medicine, baby wipes, croakies, etc.  At the Columbia outlet store outside Dallas, I came across what I think has to be the most absurd shirt and hat combo.  I almost bought it, but then I thought Ghana wasn't quite ready for it.

Getting ready for Ghana...Texas Style
In all I'm travelling very lightly - at least by my standards.  You can see basically all my gear on the table.  In all, I took a few sets of lightweight, sweat wicking clothes, lots of suncreen and bug spray, various toilteries, medicine, flashlight, camera, a few books, breathing mask, and a swim suit.  Additionally, Stephen, Mitch, and I will carry approximately 200 pounds worth of supplies (metal coasters and tarps) to be used by the factory.

All my stuff

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